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Tea Tree Facial Toner150ml/500ml
For a healthy, well-groomed and glowing skin, Tonic has a great role in basic skin care! Although the tonic is an effective product on its own; It not only supports the cleaning product used before, but also increases the effectiveness of the care products to be used afterwards. Tonic is a must-have skin care product in the basic skin care ritual.

MedicaPlus Skin Care Tonic with Tea Tree Oil purifies the skin from excess sebum, oil, dirt and residue, and provides a special care to the skin by supporting the renewal and revitalization of the skin thanks to the active substances in its content. Tea Tree Oil provides an antiseptic effect to the skin with its purifying feature, while Hammamelis Virginiana Extracts support the removal of enlarged pores. Allantoin active ingredient helps the skin to regenerate while serving the health of the skin. With a pH of 5.5, it is suitable for use by all skin types, and supports the regulation of skin pH.

Skin Care Tonic containing some MedicaPlus Tea Tree Oil is taken on a disc cotton or optionally on the fingertips, and applied to the skin with circular movements, avoiding contact with the eyes.

For a more vibrant, healthier, bright, fresh and clean skin, MedicaPlus Skin Care Tonic with Tea Tree Oil is an indispensable product for your basic skin care routine.

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