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Shall we offer professional care with a nice natural scent, freshness, softness and cosmeceutical ingredients on your body?

Professional Skin Care!

MedicaPlus Postlaser Lotion 200mL;
It is Intensive Moisturizing Care Lotion with Strong Content.
D-Panthenol content improves the protective/barrier function of the skin and gives intense moisture, Shea Butter in its content keeps the skin supple and moist, and helps the skin to gain a soft and elastic appearance. Apricot Kernel Oil is perfect for even skin tone and maintaining skin firmness. The active ingredient of Allantoin is enriched with its restorative effect and supports the skin to stay healthy. MedicaPlus PostLaser Lotion contains rich Aloe Vera, it is an intense and powerful moisturizing care lotion.

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