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MedicaPlus Is Perfect With You


MedicaPlus; Innovative factor that is suitable for human health, effective on skin radiance, under the leadership of chemists, biologists and certified skin care specialists trained in the right values, by closely following the R&D studies on skin health of the Far East, the cosmetic approaches of Europe and the chemical industry of Germany. With the vision of providing added value to the country's economy as a Turkish brand in the global markets and through the sales network created in the Turkish domestic market, with the constantly developing R&D studies, taking the correct and reliable products with the customer demands and satisfaction as the main criterion, increasing its position in the market day by day with the principle of continuous development, and is a brand that continues to realize its wish to be a different brand.

On the basis of the success of our products; striving for the best, productive thinking, analytical approach, always learning principle, continuous improvement/development and the importance given to teamwork.

In line with the abilities and principles of our company, we try to meet the expectations of our dealers for the right product and the right service at world standards.

In this context, for our customers who adopt the principle of using quality products, we strive to continuously ensure our product efficiency with our product mechanisms, active ingredients, documented and approved product ingredients in accordance with global standards.

In our company, which is managed with a holistic understanding of quality, we are happy to reach out to each of our new customers, who are part of our family, in our success story, which is constantly accelerating to add value to our employees, customers and stakeholders.


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