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Tea Tree Facial Gel Cleanser150ml/500ml
For a clean, fresh and lively skin, 3-stage MedicaPlus Skin Cleansing Gel with Cleansing + Purifying + Peeling Effect, with Tea Tree Oil, cleanses, refreshes, purifies and smoothes the skin.
While it cleans the skin deeply with its Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid content, it helps to remove the roughness on the skin surface and regulate the tone differences, and helps to lighten the appearance of fine lines. With a pH of 5.5, it is suitable for all skin types and helps to regulate the pH of the skin. It purifies the skin by maintaining the moisture balance with Panthenol in its formula. Tea Tree Oil active ingredient regulates the excess of oil/sebum on the skin and provides an antiseptic effect to the skin.


MedicaPlus Tea Tree Oil-containing Skin Cleansing gel is taken to the fingertips and applied to the skin with circular massage movements, avoiding contact with the eyes, the gel form is foamed with some warm water, the entire face is rinsed with warm water and the foam is removed from the skin.
MedicaPlus Tea Tree Facial Gel Cleanser is the most important first step of your skin care for a bright skin that is taken care of day by day with its professional content.

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